About Me

kkonscious desertandmagic

I accompany you in your conscious growth, through unlocking of your “expired” patterns in order to connect with your true YOU:




I HEAR you I don’t judge YOU.

Czesc – Hallo – Hello – Hola – السلام عليكم

I’m Karolina


Born in Poland, I grew up and lived in Germany from the age of 13. I moved to the United States where I lived while I finished my master’s degree in Civil Engineering. I currently live between Barcelona -Castelldefels, Spain and the worlds deserts. Basically I am and I feel like a Nomad 🙂

I have gone through many courses & training in alternative and holistic therapies, to find my happiness. As well as many tough life experiences, which was the best toughest school.

In search of my place I have traveled to many places until I found my passion, my place: THE desert. There it is where I organize Personal Growth and Healing RETREATS.

kkonscious about therapies

Therapist: mujer medicina & shaman

I find and clean your trapped emotions (those that have remained as a wall around your heart) in order to find your happiness, unlock abundance, freedom and happiness. 

I decode the body from any pains that you have: chronic and others. 

I make Shamanic Family constellations and regressions.

Energetic House Cleaning, Shamanic Journeys

Body energy Balance

And much more. 

Healing sessions online or in person. 

My Desert and Retreats.

Desert is my passion. I organize Personal Growth retreats where you not only visit beautiful turistic places, but you will be acompanied to remove all your burdens, get out of your comfort zone, connect with the Desert and empower yourself to transform your life, to live abundant and happy. A new version of a Bedouin life: being connected to yourself  in the chaos of “our world”… 

Transporting to magiKKal places inside and outside of the body is my soul purpose.

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kkonscious personal growth retreat in jordan