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Our body is our TEMPLE

Any pain, cronical disease, anxiety, etc. it is a sign: the body tries to show us that something in our life is not going the right way… happiness starts deep inside you… and YOU are the only one that can heal it. I can find and clean your TRAPPED EMOTIONS, and guide you to heal yourself. Noone can heal you, only you …


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Create Your Own Happiness

Desert trip or magic trip into your heart, anything to make you feel better. You have the key to your pandora box, I can help you to find it….

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” Peace is the best journey. Happiness is the best destination. “

Did I kill a scorpion in Wadi Rum desert?

Did I kill a scorpion in Wadi Rum desert?

Me in Wadi Rum desert, somewhere in the protected area in the Bedouin Tent, far from camps and even further from any civilization 😀Alone, late afternoon, almost time when it gets dark. My bed prepared (always before it gets dark and before I don`t see a thing 😅.So, I am walking around and preparing to go and relax in my bed (the view is really spectacular, and when the stars come out it is : WOWWWWWWW view), when I see this little black something on the mountain rock just behind my bed. Hmmm… closer inspection and no, it is not a beetle, it is indeed a scorpion, just like in a book. A perfect little tiny black scorpion. OMG…

My Ramadan in Wadi Rum Desert Cave

My Ramadan in Wadi Rum Desert Cave

I got up, brushed my teeth somewhere in the middle of the Wadi Rum desert…The mattress was too hot from the sun, so I just took a blanket and laid on the floor outside…The body really needs it during Ramadan. Without the food, the energy, it is really a must to relax, meditate, contemplate and sleep….The second day I was sleeping all day long, I could barely keep my eyes open… I guess just like bears that go into hibernation without food for winter…

My Cave Life in Wadi Rum Desert

My Cave Life in Wadi Rum Desert

Today is almost full moon, and tomorrow again 1 month I am in the Wadi Rum Desert, living like a Nomad. No home, no hotel, no steady place. Just moving with life. No thinking no expectations and you never know what tomorrow will bring. Plans change in Wadi Rum Desert from one minute to another and planning is quite difficult. Most of the time I am sleeping in a cave, it is a half cave and half a Bedouin tent, I would say…




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