Waking up from “the bubble” is like you got on a roller coaster, but connected and consciously aware of it (that is the BIG plus) 

(excuse my “funny” English: between the Polish, German, Spanish, Catalan, Arabic and few more here and there: all languages mix in my head) 

Sometimes I ask myself: would l want to still live in my bubble from few years before? Before I started to feel that there is much more to life than what we were taught? 

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Like in Matrix: would I NOT TAKE THE RED PILL and all would be like it was before? NOT AT ALL! 

Even though now there are also big ups and downs every now and then: and now you blame it on the universe and planets and moon hahaha…when you don’t know which way to go; 

I would NEVER EVER want to go back to my past, my past life, my UNCONSCIOUS unhappiness, always mad, always sad, complaining and everyone else is guilty of all my problems… OMG 

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The “normal ” way of life: wake up, go to work, come back, watch TV, news, go to sleep and the next day the same. But instead of doing it with pleasure they suffer, it feels like a big weight on top of them… 

Is that enough for one to be happy and fulfilled? … Maybe for some people YES. Without ever questioning why it feels like a load on top and why it is not making them really HAPPY. 

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And if they question it, the answer is: well, it is what I have to do. 

Really??? Why? Scared? What will the neighbor say? That what it is? 

It is what we were taught. What people expect from us. Go to work during the week and on weekends spend time with family. The “perfect” life. And always be HAPPY. 

And then there are people that see life like a Matrix. And they enjoy it much more! They know the problems are what we create, and in the end there are no problems, there are only solutions. 

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Do you see the bottle half empty or half full? That is the difference that makes your life easier: HOW YOU SEE IT. 

To begin with: Just change your way of thinking. 

Start looking at the BAD things that happen to you like something good: try to ¨girar la truita¨ (what the Catalans say) see it 180 degrees different: which GOOD can you take out of it? Which experience did you have to go through and why? What did you learn out of it? 

Yeah: it does not always work: but at least you will feel better thinking positive and not with anger that might get into your heart wall and get trapped there…. (I will have to find it and clean it for you then ) 

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The other day, on my last day here in Barcelona before leaving for Wadi Rum desert, to stay there for few weeks: there were several big water leaks in the apartments that I am managing, Tourists inside: some happy some unhappy. The technician came to check it out and we were walking to one of the apartments, when some of the guests came running up and asking if I had a red car. I said yes, why? He said: come, quick! So, we ran downstairs and there was my car, TOTALLY crashed by the bus. I was desperate!!!! I was thinking: Not today, not now: I had so many plans this afternoon before packing: I wanted to take my daughter for ice cream, I had to run many errands before leaving… And now that! After a cry break out, I put myself together and thought ok. I wished for the front of the car to be repainted because the paint was already all falling apart. 

So: here is what I wished for! And what better timing, since now I will be gone in Wadi Rum desert for a long time and I don’t need the car. Perfect! 

desertandmagic wadi rum happy tour and camp kkonscious magikk

Therefore: in any “bad” thing there is some good, maybe you just don’t see it… try harder if you want to be less angry. 

Life is a school, a place to experience and learn … and we will never be too old, or it will never be too late to start thinking different, being different, living different …. being NEW YOU … 

The only “thing” that lasts forever is your soul. Nothing else. We can change every second to a better wiser version of ourselves…. 

And said this: 

I invite you to the magiKK retreats-trips in Jordan, where the magical beautiful powerful Wadi Rum Desert will take care of showing you WHO YOU ARE and I will help to clean all your trapped emotions, your old patterns that don’t serve you anymore. 

To become HAPPY and enjoy LIFE. 

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In Spanish my beautiful life motto: 


(And it doesn’t mean you should not work! not at all: BUT: you should enjoy your work, your family, your life….) 

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