Wadi Rum Desert. September  2023

(do you also see the heart in the bridge on my picture? )

Beautiful colourful Wadi Rum desert. The colours of your “Self manifestation”, the colours of your “ I am worth it” and “ I allow myself”

colors of wadi rum desert

Every time I am here, I am amazed by its beauty and by its power. And every time I discover new places with this energy that attracts you and you don’t know why… until you know.

wadi rum happy camp pyramid portal

So be prepared if you go to the desert, consciously or unconsciously, you will work your past present future. You will open your pandora box, you will heal your wounds… and you will LOVE IT, sooner or later, depending how deep your wounds are.

Each and every-time I am surprised by the many faces desert has to offer. If it is your first time: be prepared to see yourself in a different way, be prepared to see sides of you, that you have not seen, be prepared to see your soul naked, not covered by any external inputs. You will be just yourself, the real you.

desert fish face

Mind at the service of heart and NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. You feel and you act accordingly.

sunset moments at wadi rum desert

Some love the desert some respect it so much that they can not come back. Not until they get in peace with themselves.

magikkal wadi rum desert

But if you let your mind free and you dont expect anything, if you step out of your comfort zone consciously and let the universe play, you will enjoy it sooo much, that you will be soaked with this fabulous energy and you will want to come back as soon as possible, again.

the inside of power

It is not only the marvelous nature that makes you love this place. It is their people, the food, the stories, the peace, the silence, the million stars, the beautiful sun, the powerful energy that you will LOVE… it all depends if you are prepared to discover the treasure that you carry inside…

wadi rum desert kids

I wish you can love this Wadi Rum desert as much as I love it. And if you like, I can take you on a magiKK trip to this Wadi Rum desert and maybe even enter other dimensions through the powerful portals that are hidden to human eye all over this desert…

Life is wonderful if you allow it and the only limit is your mind… be YOURSELF and life will put all puzzle together for you, the most beautiful way…

Sending you much LOVE,

pyramid and nature in wadi rum desert

(and I also have already dates for next workshops if you would like to come for magiKK )





Come with me and I will show you the BEAUTY of this Wadi Rum desert


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