(I am back now in Barcelona, for just few days, and since I have full internet and time without sitting in the car, cave, sand => I can relaxed post my blog… )

Today is 3rd of February, I believe almost full moon, and tomorrow again 1 month I am in the Wadi Rum Desert, living like a Nomad.

No home, no hotel, no steady place. Just moving with life. No thinking no expectations and you never know what tomorrow will bring. Plans change in Wadi Rum Desert from one minute to another and planning is quite dificult.

Most of the time I am sleeping in a cave, it is a half cave and half a Bedouin tent, I would say.

KKonscious My cave life Wadi Rum Desert

How I ended up in Wadi Rum desert: I wrote already a post, but for everyone that is new here: I started coming here 3 years ago. I fell in love with the desert in Morocco, and now one of the places I call HOME is here, in this magnificent Wadi Rum desert.

Life is quite dificult here for a woman from our culture: you either TOTALLY forget your Ego, or you have BIG BALLS to do all you want even though it will be not accepted or respected…

Today, no guests, no hurry and relaxed morning morning for me. Delicious breakfast: boiled eggs, hummus (of course!), tomatoes and cucumber and green spices. I was too lazy to prepare fried eggs with tomatoes: a dish I loved in the moroccan desert.

KKonscious my cave life in Wadi Rum Desert

Oh, and THE BEST COFFE in the universe: turkish style coffee with Cardamom. Some of the breakfast was cooked on the fire and some on this little gas stove here, connected to the little gas bottle.

After breakfast, from one minute to another, the plan for the day changed and I stayed alone in the cave. LUCKY ME indeed.

At the beginning, many possibilities came up in my head what could I do. It is like home for me, and you all know: at home there is ALWAYS stuff to do.

But first, I wanted to walk. Walk, walk, walk. With myself, for myself, alone, just across the desert, from one mountain to the other. Barefeet. It feels SOOOOOOOO good again. It is sunny, quite windy but beautiful.

I was now many days in the car, watching the beautiful desert with tourists, and no time for me, for being alone and walking. I have missed it. Walking is such a relaxing way to connect with nature, yourself and get all thoughts and worries from your head to your feet and to mother earth, where it transforms into LOVE & PEACE & BEAUTY, if you want it to.

My cave life in Wadi Rum Desert KKonscious

As I walked, all alone in silence, no cars, no people, not even birds or othe animals, today: I gathered all plastic that was in my way. Unfortunately, here, there is much plastic, trash, and all possible rubbish, flying around in Wadi Rum desert. Tourists, locals, basically humans that dont care about this precious nature.

After my walk, I decided to wash a bit of my clothes. Water bottle – bowl – some shower gel that I have and thats it. I hanged it by the tent in the marvelous desert sunshine and waiting for it to dry. It kinda reminds me of my childhood in Poland, where sometimes the washing machine didnt work because there was no electricity and all we could do is to heat up some water and wash it by hand. No big deal.

DesertAndMagic My cave life in Wadi Rum Desert

Washing, cleaning, organizing a bit the cave in peace and silence, as I look out, there was a CAMEL just in front of the “door” eating some green. He got quite surprised also, and scared when he saw me, since he didnt expect me, I guess πŸ˜€. We both didnt expect each other…

My cave life in Wadi Rum Desert KKonscious Camel encounter

And as I am writing it, this little cute orange bird flew inside the tent-cave, watched me, and started walking around without any fear and eat all the little crumbles he found. He already flew in in the morning, I guess he wanted to say GET UP 😊. Now he just went out walking and he came back in… Amazing beautiful nature in this desert.

DesertAndMagic KKonscious My cave life in Wadi Rum Desert

So, for today thats it with my blog, now I will figure out what to eat for lunch. I think I have some more tomatoes and cucumber and there is also some of the yoghurt-cheese box left… Mhhh… Lets see what I will hokus-pokus myself for lunch πŸ˜€

I wish you have a fabulous day, I wish you enjoyed a bit of my desert life story, and if you want to come for a desert magic, to see all the marvels the Wadi Rum Desert has to offer, let me know, we happily take you for a special Wadi Rum Happy Desert Adventure ☺️

KKonscious go through life shining bright Wadi Rum Desert

Make your dreams come true, no matter how difficult they seem…

Remember to SMILE and do what makes you HAPPY

Sending you much LOVE from Wadi Rum DesertKarolina



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