Friday 24 March 2023

Second day of the official Ramadan, for me is my first day of “practicing” fully Ramadan, ever.
I am in cave in the middle of the protected area of Wadi Rum Desert and trying “Ramadan” by myself.

My second time, the first one was in Morocco, but I was drinking water… so I guess that doesn`t really count πŸ™‚

Now: no eating, no WATER until the sun sets…

7.00 am

I got up, brushed my teeth somewhere in the middle of the desert where I got up, then my morning routine with all my delicious face creams, serums, etc. (BTW, they are all natural, some made by myself with essential oils and some by my friend Monika at )…

and I had to remember NOT TO DRINK WATER, which was the most difficult.

I prepared breakfast for our guests, and it was not a problem for me not eating or drinking, at this time, even though it looked delicious.

DEsertAndMagic kkonscious ramadan hike wadi rum desert

After our guests left for a walk to see the water point in the other side of the cave, I was all alone for the day.

I cleaned, washed all my clothes in the most little possible water, not to waste it, showered in the cave with heated water by the fire and then I found my nice shady place to take a nap.

The mattress was too hot from the sun, so I just took a blanket and laid on the floor outside…The body really needs it during Ramadan. Without the food, the energy, it is really a must to relax, meditate, contemplate and sleep….

desertandmagic kkonscious wadirumdesert Ramadan cavelife

1.11 pm
I was sleeping in and out in my shady peaceful place next to the Bedouin-cave in this magnificent Wadi Rum Desert. Day dreaming and seeing the most beautiful colors… It got chilly, maybe just my body was loosing the heat without eating… However, what a different feeling : very relaxed and nice and full. Much feeling like floating…

KKonscious desertandmagic wadirumdesert ramadan cavelife

4 pm
I woke up, super thirsty, my mouth very dry. I still have some hours to go on the Ramadan. No problem.
I decided to change the place and I moved to another part of the cave, with nice views and started writing a bit my thoughts…

5 pm
Eid with our guests came to pick me up and we drive to enjoy the sunset.

Wow, beautiful new spot even for me, in the black desert, just camels running around, many flowers, spectacular view…

DesertAndMagic KKonscious Wadi Rum Desert

In this place, far from the touristy places, Eids family was living before the Wadi Rum Village was built for the Bedouins. And the other day, his oldest brother Abdulah was telling us, how he remembers being little and running around here in Wadi Rum Desert behind the goats and playing…

Now: I am sooooo looking forward to DRINK something, ANYTHING, soon πŸ˜€

Hmmmm coffee and tee are prepared, now the sun is behind the clouds and I don’t know when is the official time to start DRINKING πŸ˜€ (that sounds quite funny, but I mean drinking WATER AND TEA AND COFFEE, during Ramadan and anyways always, for the Muslims, drinking alcohol is HARAM… ).

7 pm
NOW OFFICIALLY: MY RAMADAN DAY in Wadi Rum Desert is finished.

Wow. It was really nice, but because I could relax during the day… And the coffee and tee and water tastes delicious!!! Eid even prepared some nice snacks for us all as we watched the spectacular sunset by the fire: fruit, dates (that is the first you should eat: good for the stomach after not eating and even mentioned in Koran to do so, as I heard) and of course some home made sweets (during Ramadan all ladies here in Wadi Rum Village at home prepare the most sweet and delicious deserts).

Even though the sun was behind clouds, the views and atmosphere here are just amazing.

8.00 pm

Camp and dinner with our guests. And after we drove to Eids family, one sister where I had more food, and another sister and more food. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€πŸ΄

Delicious rice, prepared with delicious spices, vegetables and chicken. Yogurt (mhhhhh i love the yogurt with rice). Arabic salad .. and at the end of course SOME SWEETS. Important😍

Desertandmagic KKonscious Ramadan WadiRumDesert Food


At the end I did Ramadan 3 days, not planned, not thought, I just did what I felt. That was my intuition and my powerful tool, everyone’s powerful tool, but many of us don`t listen to our intuition and listen to the mind which is lead by our ego, not soul… Anyways, 3 days, very powerful number 3 and very powerful days. And since I have started on a Friday which is an important day (it is here like Sunday), i felt to do it until the “day 1”, which is Sunday πŸ™Œβ­. Confusing, sah? hahaha…

KKonscious DesertAndMagic RAmadan Wadi Rum Desert

My long Ramadan days. I enjoyed it. The weather was perfect, we had no guests the last 2 days of my Ramadan and I could just be for myself.
Now I know how RAMADAN feels.

I believe the purpose is to relax, contemplate, meditate or pray… Be with yourself and clean the body.

The second day I was sleeping all day long, I could barely keep my eyes open… I guess just like bears that go into hibernation without food for winter…

desertAndMagic KKonscious Ramadan my Cavelife WadiRumDesert

One of the explanations for doing the Ramadan: to feel like the many people on the planet that have no food, no water… They still exist. And for sure there is more spiritual explanation to it and I will ask our friend @oscarmsim to share with me THE explanation I know he knows… πŸ™Œβ˜ΊοΈπŸ€

And just to add: Ramadan here in Jordan is a beautiful time. At the evening, people are celebrating and meeting family and having delicious food, everywhere. They are sharing with anyone that didn`t eat.
On the highways, after sunset, people who own restaurants, are standing on the highway with bags full with food, and whoever is driving and didn`t eat, yet, can take the bag full of food, for free… πŸ™Œ

DesertAndMagic KKonscious Ramadan food WadiRumDesert

Some restaurants might be closed until the evening. My favorite falafel place in Wadi Rum Village is converted during Ramadan to “bakery” making and selling delicious deserts in the afternoon πŸ˜€. Since no one eats in the morning, and falafel is a morning food, not dinner food: no falafel during Ramadan time at this place.

KKonscious DesertAndMagic WadiRumDesert Ramadan Sunset

So, beautiful reader: have a beautiful Ramadan time, even if you don’t practice Ramadan, try to fast one or another day, maybe just few hours, your way, and your body and mind will appreciate it, I’ll bet…

I am sending you much love and much beautiful energy. And if you would like to connect with yourself and visit Wadi Rum Desert with me for a special healing break in the desert, you know how to find me.




Sending you much LOVE from Wadi Rum Desert

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