Excited to finally get to Sahara Desert

It was the second day of our Morocco road trip and it was THE day: we are finally going to Sahara desert. Our guide picked us up from our hotel in the morning, he was wearing the gorgeous gandora, the traditional Berber clothes worn in the desert (in the cities all wear just boring jeans). We started driving another of the million plus picturesque roads, we stopped here and there to see the Todra Gorges and other stunning landscapes. I was so excited to finally get into the REAL desert, I couldn’t wait.

Just like in the movies

And then it finally started being more dry and more desert like… Wow. The road was like in the movies, left and right nothing, just desert, mountains, hills, dromedaries, few cars, donkeys, beautiful. After a while driving the main road through the dry land, our guide made a left just like that, somewhere into nowhere, as it seemed to us, but he perfectly knew where he is going obviously, we didn’t.

Lunch in the middle of the Sahara desert

There was no road, no signs, no absolutely nothing in view, you could see the horizon very far away nothing else. “We are on our way for lunch before our dromedary ride to the camp”. For lunch? Where? There is NOTHING in view just sand and more sand and desert. “Waxa” (“Ok” in Berber=Tamazight language), lets enjoy this fantastic feeling driving off road, beautiful weather, peace, silence, great energy, love and happiness.

This sand dunes scenery here looks like a painting

And then surprise, there it was, A HOUSE. Just a normal house. Nothing around. Not a fence, no road, no trees, no houses anywhere, absolutely nothing around. THE Tawarigithouse. We got out of the car. It was nice sunny and hot. I was finally here. I could not believe it, but I felt it: it was soooo good. What a fantastic feeling.

I fell in LOVE with TAWARIGITHOUSE from the very first moment.

On the other side of the house there was a desert just how I was imagining it: sand dunes, many of them. Little ones, soft, orange colour, it all looks like a painting. We went inside the house and I fell in love with it from the very first moment. It is made with such love for every detail, all the colours, fabrics, furniture, doors, lamps, windows, wow, amazing. From that point on I knew this is my first, but not the last time in this house and this area. Sahara is me. We are one. I feel it, I really LOVE IT. And that is how it all began…



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