– You either LOVE the desert or you hate it –

I guess there is nothing inbetween? Maybe yes? In my case, I really LOVE HIM. (I found out, Sahara is masculine, which I think it would be more magical to think of Sahara as a beautiful Lady, but I’m fine with being it “HIM”)

– Iยดm part of the desert –

When I’m in the middle of the infinite desert sand dunes, I feel like I’m part of the desert. This beautiful deep unknown emotions come out, and it feels good. It feels like I’m protected, I’m myself but at the same time I’m nobody just this tiny point of consciousness… hmmm… Can anyone relate? Anyways…

– Far far away from the civilisation-

Therefore, whenever I can, we drive far far far inside the deep untouched undiscovered desert, far far far away from the civilisation, where there is nobody, no noise, no movement other than yourself and the wind.

– You are on your own –

But when you drive for hours inside the no-where, you are also on your own if you get stuck with the car in the sand dunes. Ha! And now what?

– There is never a problem, there is always a solution –

And this is what I love about the Imazighen (the Berber people) in “difficult” situations: the tranquility they radiate and make you feel well, safe and protected, no matter how bad you think it is. For them there is never a problem, there is always a solution. Fantastic!

– Challenge for people that are used to drive on paved roads –

Said that: being stuck in the middle of the untouched desert far away from the civilisation becomes a nice challenge to stay calm for us, for people that are used to drive on paved roads and if any problem you just put on your neon green vest, collocate the triangle outside, turn on the emergency lights, call for help and wait comfortable while browsing your phone.

– It is fun to get stuck in the desert sand –

Here it works different as you might guess. Berber people have many trics for any situation and at the end it is even fun, and who knows, maybe your tour driver will “make the car get stuck” just so you have the authentical desert ride experience you will tell your friends about it having a glass of wine at home… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Do you want to get stuck with us? Let me tell you: teamwork and a lot of laughs and fun, I promise you get back home safe ๐Ÿ˜‰ .


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