Whoever knows me, knows I eat A LOT. I’m not one of those girls that eat little portions, noooooope. And I dont think I’m too big, neither, i’m imperfectly perfect for my liking, indeed.
The secret is not how much you eat, but what you eat and how you eat. Each of us is an individual being and every body and its energy is different, that is why not any diet works for everyone.

But back to Morocco and the delicious food! That is the highlight for me in Morocco: the delicious vegetarian food. Okey, every second here in this place is a highlight, but food: delicious!


On my very first trip to Morocco, something happend to me that and I could not eat. I know you think I got some bacteria: but nope, it was not that, becasue I felt BETTER THAN EVER! And I wanted to eat all that was in front of me, because it smelled delicious, it looked delicious, but my throat didn’t let anything that was solid through.

The point is, our body can survive without eating for months, maybe even more. We are energy and we live out of energy. And we even feel much better, if we are not full, right? We can move better, we think better, we funciรณn better.


This crazy beautiful experience I had in the Sahara desert without eating, thought me we are eating way too much! We don’t need that much food we are having every day.

Nevertheless whenever you are here in Morocco, you will enjoy every bite of the delicious food and you won’t be able to stop eating :). It is soooo tasty and it is ALWAYS fresh from the market (there are raraely any refrigerators, not to talk about freezers). And the way it is prepared without frying, it can not be more healthy and light.


Therefore prepare your stomach for a fantastic culinary adventure with us full with colourful moroccan spices and tajins and all the different vegetables and nuts and dry fruits and all other magic potions ๐Ÿ˜‰ which they put in the dishes! At our home in the Sahara desert you are welcome to have a look into every tajin and plate we are preparing for you in our kitchen. Here you definitely will see what you eat ๐Ÿ™‚



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