Apparently it was never meant to be just a normal yoga retreat from the very beginning to the very end – but what is normal, anyways?


As I always emphasize; there is before and there is after Sahara, well in this case IT REALLY IS, for all of us, new life for us that were on the trip and for the entire PLANET.

The beginning: Instead of 12 needed participants we ended up being just 6, but M A G I C A L 6 indeed. (As my great friend Silvina already has foreseen, way before we knew it….)

Instead of my yoga instructor friend that could not come, my beautiful friend Dana that came on my trip was so generous and nice to give the yoga classes. My friend Steffi from Prakkasha, that supports me always no matter how crazy and out of this world ideas I have, was giving very beautiful Feng Shui workshop. Antonia, my dear friend that I haven’t seen for years gave us everyday much laughs and color; it would not have been the same without her. Nuria came on this trip because she was trusting she will be having the time of her life with us in this beautiful place. And Lucy: our beautiful young flower that every day gave us the most heartwarming smile, no matter the unexpected incidents, the delays, or any other Moroccan obstacles…


And there we were, in the middle of the Sahara desert, in the most beautiful place, in the most beautiful company we could have wished for. 5 full desert days. Away from the insane reality back home that was already starting to cook.

The desert had us as usual with its day to day surprises. We ended up with one shower for 6 ladies: NO PROBLEM for us! Toilet: checked once or twice in and out. NO PROBLEM. Warm water: hahaha so much fun checking every day if it was warm enough to shower and if the water even came out: Antonia that is the calmest of us all, after 4th day of the same water routine almost killed Youss asking her the same question in the morning ;). But as they say in the desert: “hurry kills”, therefore, relax and wait and get surprised.

But now seriously: every little thing that we take for granted in “our world”, is much more complicated in the desert and regarding the water: you use every drop of water so much more consciously. And me: I’m sooo grateful for having had such a fantastic group of uncomplicated ladies on board!


Between my morning sessions of sun salutations, short meditations, OM chanting and other surprises we enjoyed SOOOO much Yoga by Dana. The Feng Shui workshop by Steffi from Prakkasha was soooo interesting, no one wanted to stop talking Feng Shui for the rest of our trip!

Excursions with Ibrahim were another highlight, even for me: swimming in the desert OASIS! In between the beautiful palm trees and silence, no people around. WOW! Every time new places and energies to discover. Even the old places take different color and energy with different people. Grateful for making new friends in the desert every time. People you can always rely on and who show you new hidden gems of their country, Tanmert.


Then there was FULL MOON: us with fire rituals & singing and our world back home started to change quickly, without us even knowing. The amazing peace of mind, love and silence and the total separation from the reality makes you feel happy and enjoying every second of your life with no fear, here in the desert.

Our – still as planned – last night in the desert started as usual with a delicious dinner prepared by Najat (the amazing cooker), accompanied by delicious wine (yes, we had wine stock for all those nights: it was all well planned ahead, in order not to get without any wine for dinner! ;)) and later our night followed by tam tam music by the fireplace, played by us and all of our desert friends that joined us that night to say good bye.


And suddenly, emails and messages started to reach our peaceful getting together about cancellations of flights and the epidemic outbreak of the corona virus. The EMERGENCY state and closing of the Moroccan boarders IMMEDIATELY was the concern now.

And there we were, in Africa, far from the North, on a beautiful night with beautiful friends, with beautiful moon that was illuminating our little drum session like a huge universal light from the gods. Not knowing how and if we can get back home…

To be continued… Part 2 => soon.

For now: stay safe and healthy and enjoy every minute in or out.

Don’t let the fear in => LOVE.

Vibrate HIGH.


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Awareness and conscious connection. Thank you. LOVE