cTravelling is such a beautiful experience, if you have all your papers well organized, especially now with all the extra Covid-control – papers.

For me it is my passion:Β  to travel, to transport people to look for the hidden treasure inside and give them the coordinates to their happiness…

I must say, I have never stopped travelling, even during “covid time”. I always had my PCR test done, no fear, some extra money and the universe took good care of me.

I kind of closed the Moroccan boarder with my workshop group: escaping from Africa, the first day Covid issue SUDDENTLY emerged and all countries where closing the boarders … WHAT AN ADVENTURE it was INDEED!

Later, during Covid I started travelling to Jordan, which became my second home. If you are well prepared: there are no issues to enter the country, no matter if Covid time, Ramadan or any other story… πŸ™‚
If you really want to travel, it is only up to you to make it happen.

Here I will list for you all the important papers that you need to have, in order to enter Jordan, the papers you have to show before boarding and at the boarder in Jordan airport… (today is May 2022, maybe that will change…;) )

  1. Passport! 😊 seems obvious, and MUST BE VALID, remember. Also, if you want you can make a photocopy or take a picture of it and send one by email or WhatsApp to yourself, in case you need it, you never know…
  2. Right now to enter Jordan: you don’t need to show any COVID tests, nor vaccination (I am not vaccinated and I travel through Jordan freely, entering all Hotels, Restaurants, and tourist attractions).
  3. You have to fill in personal data on the Jordanian government page, to obtain a QR code (mandatory to enter the airplane!! Later no one cares about it… ):

To fill in click here -> Entry Form

  1. For Jordan, a travel health insurance is necessary, specific for JORDAN and the dates that the trip will last. I buy it here, very easy and cheap (you need it also to board the airplane) :


  1. If you arrive at AMMAN airport, you will have to pay there a visa (40 Jd), it can be “waved” with the Jordan Pass ,( πŸ‘‡6.), if you arrive in AQABA the visa is not paid, since it is a tax-free zone:
  2. If you buy the JORDAN PASS (70 Jd the normal one, includes entry tickets: 1 day in Petra, entry to Wadi Rum Desert Protected Area, and more…) you do not need to pay the visa fee, but you have to buy the Jordan Pass online, before. The visa will be waved (you don’t have to pay the visa by arrival) if you are staying more than 3 nights in Jordan.
    You can but it here:


There are many Jordan Pass variations (you can get also one that are 2 day entry to Petra, other extra entries, etc. )
To wave the visa, here what you have to do at the airport:

When you arrive at Amman airport, you go to the cue to get the visa (before the cue to show the passport). There you will show the passport and the Jordan Pass. They will probably ask you where you will stay and how long you stay in Jordan. They stamp the visa in your passport and you move to the next cue, to show the passport with the visa inside.
Keep the Jordan Pass: you will have to show it when entering the Wadi Rum Visitor Center to enter the Protected Desert Area and drive to Wadi Rum Village, you have to show it also at the entrance in Petra (you have to go to the sale ticket window, they will give you the “real” entrance ticket to Petra with the date on it, once you are there, btw: the Petra by night ticket you will have to buy extra: it will be sold only on the exact day you want to enter and you must show the day ticket from this exact day, otherwise you will not be able to enter by night)


The country’s currency is the JORDAN Dinar.

Generally the bank charges around 5 euros for the transaction if you prefer to take money directly from the ATM in JD at the airport in Jordan after arrival, I always do it this way, it is easier.

You can also change some cash there, but remember the rate will not be as good as somewhere else. If you go straight to Wadi Rum after arrival: airport will be the only place you can get Jordan Diners, therefore do it.
Also, I have some Euro cash with me just in case… In Wadi Rum Village and Desert you can not pay with card, nor can you pick up or change money (only in Disa you can).

In Petra (Wadi Musa is the City) you can pick up and change money.

Maybe it looks complicated, but if you follow the steps, it is pretty easy and straight forward… πŸ™‚

In case you have any questions, feel free to ask me, happy to help.

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Enjoy this beautiful country, their nature, food, people and all you can find….


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