Water. For me first of all it is RESPECT, not to say that i fear it 😅. Beauty, unlimited, emotions, cleaning, life, determined…. an element that we value the most when we are in the desert… ?

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Morning walk by the beach, where I live, where is my base. Beach walk is something that i need for myself, to connect and ground. Touch the water, touch the sand, feel the sky and smell the air. The desert I have inside, but the water I need in order to learn, to show me. It is here by the water that I receive, in the desert I can give. Maybe that is the reason why I still live here, not in the desert… ? I still need to balance the water energy that I miss …

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Btw walking and science: Did you know that in the feet there are many many nerves that connect to your brain? It is not without a reason that when you walk, you relax, your head gets lighter and all your distracting toxic thoughts disappear.

kkonscious water desertandmagic barcelonabeachbreaks

The other day I had one of this crazy nights without sleep, where i woke up at 3.00am with headache, heat and just not good, energetically, I was definitely not sick (that is something you can well distinguish once you feel well your body and mind). And besides, in the evening before I did some energy work and i knew something is still inside and around and it has to go…

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I cleaned myself with my super nice selenite “wand” 😉 (*) (that I got on my last trip to Mount Shasta) I removed all “entities” that were hanging around me sucking my energy and I went back to sleep without headache nor heat! I was so happy that I didn’t need no aspirin and I was good and my intuition was once again correct. If I didn’t know, I would think it is impossible and I am crazy … 😉

The next morning I have decided to go for my morning beach walk, to ground, since i was more in the clouds than here on earth 😉 and to get in the sea.

KKonscious barcelonabeachbreaks desertandmagic

While walking by the shore, I was talking to the water, as usual (that is what I do 😅) and I was asking it; please to treat me well, no waves when I come in, I just need a relaxed swim and clean the rest of the bad energies (salt water is great to clean your energies: and I am lucky enough, I don`t have a bathtub but I have a huge “seatub” in front)…

The sea was nice and relaxed, but there were already some clouds coming up and i could tell nice summer storm is coming our way…

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After the walk, I stepped into the water, very carefully, step by step, checking, just until my ankles. Water is something I have a huge respect for. And then a bit more, until my knees. There I stopped and checked the situation well. The water was nice and smooth, small waves here and there, I was not sure…
So I said again: I want to come in, but please make a little spot for me with no waves, I need my cleaning, from everything, i just need to get in and out… And there I saw my opportunity; I VERY QUICKLY entered, lowered my body until the throat only not to wet my hair 🙂 and after one second a bit nervous I moved out of the water a bit.

And as I was standing there, watching the sea, at a water level that was comfortable for me, suddenly I could see out of nowhere this wave being formed and approaching me and growing bigger and bigger and I could feel it goes FOR ME! I was like a stone! I could not move, and it would have been sooo easy either move bit in and penetrate the wave or move backwards and the wave would brake before and only touch my ankles…

But noooo I could not move! I was stuck staring with fear at the wave 🙈… It was comical, really… hahaha now. And yes, the wave came at me, broke exactly at me and hit me big time below my belly, threw me in, moved me underwater and to the ground, water and sand through my nose, mouth and all, and then let me at the shore out…

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Hahaha. And I could feel it was SHOUTING at me: “What? You dont get in? This is how you do your water energy cleaning? Worrying about your hair? No way! You get in ALL YOUR BODY, you need it today and you well know it!!!” . YES, I DID KNOW IT. Aho to that and thanks for the help. 🤩

This was my funny latest experience with our powerful pachamama. We think we can destroy her with all that we do, but I know she is way stronger than us and we will destroy us before we destroy her.

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I wish you are having a fabulous end of summer
Stay connected to yourself,
Sending you much LOVE

(*) The Selenite bar, my wand, I use to clean myself from all not wanted energies if I don`t have time for a nice deep sahumerio with sage. You can do it easily, you don`t need to take a class on “cleaning with a selenite wand” 😉. Just take it, clean and charge it before (like you would with any other mineral that you work with) and with intention swipe all the energy that you don`t need on you from top of your head to the bottom and the ground.
Remember, anything you do: believe and set intention and the rest will be done for you. ♥️🙌✨

And if you have any questions, you know how to find me, just write me… ⭐




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